70th Birthday Prize Auction

Friday July 19, 2019

Concord is celebrating its 70th birthday this August. The college is also hosting a charity fundraiser for the Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation, through an exciting prize auction. All investment into the foundation goes towards helping bright students whose families might not otherwise be able to afford the fees to study at Concord. These students may go on to higher education and make a difference to the world, having had a Concord education. Prizes will be very sought after and already include luxury items such as Gucci trainers and handbags, to vacation rentals and holiday apartments abroad. To view these fantastic prizes and many more, or to bid, click here. Bidding takes just seconds and is open to Concord alumni, staff, family, friends and the wider community – you don’t have to be at Concord’s 70th birthday celebrations to bid! There is also a donation button for those wishing to donate without bidding on a prize. By bidding on Concord’s auction site, not only are you helping raise money for the Anthony Morris Foundation, but you can win great prizes for greatly reduced prices. Concord has incorporated proxy bids too, to make the bidding process even easier for you. A proxy bid means you don’t have to sit in on an auction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, manually upping your bid every time someone bids against you. You can make your 'high bid' by proxy to this auction. By proxy means that the system automatic-bid feature stands in for you so that your bid rises incrementally in response to other bidders’ bids. So when you set your maximum bid, you actually make several small bids — again and again — until the bidding reaches the maximum you specified. If the current bid is up to £20.00, for example, and you put in a maximum of £45.00, your bid automatically increases incrementally so that you stay ahead of the competition — at least until someone else’s maximum bid exceeds yours. Basically, you bid by proxy. No one else knows for sure whether you’re bidding automatically, and no one knows how high your maximum bid is. All prizes in this auction have been donated by alumni, family, friends and the wider Concord community. Please note, there is still time to add prizes, so if you have something you would like to donate please email To bid on auction prizes or make a donation please click here.