welcomes Spring Term with ‘snow much fun’

Tuesday January 26, 2021

Once again, the college has enjoyed flurries of snow in the New Year – a ‘welcome distraction’ from the pandemic and exam season. Although not the record-breaking level of snowfall from Winter 2017, Concord has found itself in under a blanket of snow not once, but several times already this year. Whilst the Christmas festivities are long-gone, and students have settled into their online learning programme this term, the campus was transformed into a ‘Winter Wonderland’, in the weekend of 23rd-24th January. With snowing starting to fall on Friday, the Shropshire weather rapidly transformed from recent floods to heavy snow showers, allowing students and staff some fun for the weekend… Small ‘bubbles’ of students made the most of the opportunity – with some only seeing snow for the first time – creating snow people, igloos, snowballs and enjoying being outside with friends. Beautiful to look at and plenty of activities on show, students and staff took many photos of the occasion too, which you can view in a photo gallery by clicking here. Whilst fantastic to look-at, the snow also brought challenging travelling conditions to local road networks, including towards Acton Burnell, so it is with thanks to the staff who braved the weather, and for continuing to provide upmost care for the students. Head of Marketing, Mrs Vanessa Hawkins said: “It was a welcome surprise for all of us at the weekend to wake up to a winter wonderland on campus, aptly described by one member of staff as like Narnia. “It was a wonderful distraction from the January exams for the students who are working so hard. They enjoyed just being out in the snow and creating snow sculptures, including constructing an amazing igloo.” She added: “With over 80 acres here, there was space for us all to enjoy the fun whilst maintaining our social distancing too.”