to extend online library capabilities for remote learning

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Concord’s Library Department has launched an exciting new online library to its teaching staff, ready to introduce to students as part of the college’s new remote learning programme. College staff have been testing out VLE Books – a website that enables students and staff to access the college’s eBook collection easily and securely. And according to VLE Books, the website allows for ‘integrated eBook ordering within the platform, making the process simple for librarians and teachers’ to provide texts that students require. Said Concord Librarian, Mrs Anne Williams: “We’re now ready to start building up a collection of eBooks for lending – to assist the remote learning programme. “As we do in the college, students will be able to make suggestions – and then the borrowers will be able to simply download and read eBooks. “Also, staff will be able to visit the ‘parent site’, Browns Books for Students – whom the college have a great working relationship with – and access a full catalogue of eBooks, which can be sorted by curriculum level, exam boards and more advanced filters. “We can order anything and everything that staff or students may need. So far, it ranges from modern classic fiction for the English Department’s Big Read, the latest action adventure from bestselling author Anthony Horowitz, and titles essential for supporting and preparing university applications.” She added: “I’d like to thank Mr Ian Stockbridge and Concord’s IT Department for their involvement to set this up, as well as the Senior Management Team and Mr Daniel Wilson and Mr Angus Grant for trialling this. “It will certainly be interesting to monitor the usage of this new resource over the coming weeks and months.” Concord’s Assistant Principal (Professional Development & Systems), Mr Daniel Wilson, has also been testing another website to aid Concord’s growing online library capabilities:, which, according to the Library Department could be ‘a game changer.’ At present, the Copyright Lending Agency (CLA) are permitting schools to reproduce and share up to 30% of a textbook as an eBook, instead of the normal 5%, so Concord is keen to explore this too. Said Mr Wilson: “The VLE platform – and hopefully CLA too – will be excellent additions to Concord’s Library which already has first class resources for our students to complete their reading and research. “The ability to access an incredibly wide range of texts will be so beneficial for pupils in not only their studies, but also their wider interests and reading for pleasure.” Added Concord’s Assistant Principal (Careers & University Admissions), Dr Rob Pugh: “This is the time of year when we ask students to select and gather literature for summer holiday reading. It forms a vital part of their preparation for chosen university courses. “This new lending platform means that our students can go ahead with these activities despite being far away from our college library. What a brilliant digital solution!” Linda from Form 3 was the first student to request an eBook, choosing Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman and she was ‘impressed’ with the platform. She told Concord Librarian, Mrs Williams: “It provides such a large range of books – and it’s very well organised, as well as letting you know information about the books, lending deadlines and more. “It’s easy to read on the website itself and a very quick process to get the full title after requesting it from a librarian.” Staff and students, if you don’t have time to browse for the texts you require on VLE Books, please email Mrs Williams your ‘wish list’, and she will be able to place orders accordingly.