students ‘rise to the occasion’ in House Film Festival competition

Monday April 15, 2019

Last Wednesday marked Concord’s end of term and students eagerly anticipated the announcement of the Inter-House Film Festival competition winners. The Inter-House Filmfest – an annual competition at Concord – is an opportunity for students of the four houses to create a short movie, following a set theme. This year, the houses (Mandela, Gandhi, Teresa and Pankhurst) were instructed to include a theme-line of: “Have you not heard the tale?” – a line that Head of Mandela House, Mr Matt Rawlinson proclaimed to be ‘quintessential to all good movies’. Additionally, each house was given a neon coloured beanie, which had to be creatively used during the filming of the movies. Before the results were announced, Concord hosted a premiere of the films the previous week in the theatre, open to all staff, students and Concord’s three judges, Mr Lawrence, Mrs Wilson and Miss Anna Tonks. The night commenced with a fun horror film from Gandhi, titled ‘Adhoc’, based on Concord’s mobile safeguarding app. The theatre was left in hysterics. Secondly was Mandela’s film, ‘La Positivitè’, with what students described as ‘ravishing’ shots of the campus, and quirky misadventures of the ‘Serious Pessimist committee’, who transformed into a positivity-based flashmob. Next, Pankhurst rose to the challenge with their mystery film, set in a past existence, where your identity is defined by your grades and there’s a peculiar disappearance of students. Lastly, Teresa House provided a thought-provoking film on friendship and the future, and featured emotional clips of students and staff reflecting on hardships and uncertainties, as well as love and motivation to ‘be you’. Reflecting on the competition, Rachel from 6.1 said: “House Filmfest might be a competition. But most importantly it is a window. A window into the ‘tales’ of Concord students, albeit fictional ones. “It’s a window into the rarely seen superb acting and videography talent at Concord. A window into solutions for problems we face as students. “No matter who wins, the laughs, lessons and tears in front of the screen will act as a testament to the hard work spent behind the scenes.” Arguably, this year was the most closely-matched contest yet, but there could only be one winner… Congratulations to Mandela House, who were announced as the 2019 Film Festival winners in the end of term assembly. Well done to all students and staff who were involved in the inspiration and creation of four amazing short films. See Mandela’s winning film below: