students pursue American University places

Wednesday October 21, 2020

In an unprecedented year of academic disruption, Concord’s Class of 2020 still achieved ‘extraordinary grades’ according to Concord Principal, Mr Neil Hawkins. 6.2 students were amongst the college’s history-makers achieving most impressive grades with 85.2% at A*/A and 95.8% A*-B. And whilst a staggering 49% of Concord’s university places were for Top 5 UK universities (78% Top 10 and 90% Top 20), a number of students opted for prestigious universities around the world, including eight students who opted to study in the US. Two of Concord’s 6.2 leavers achieved places at Berkeley, and other US-bound students have headed for UCLA, University of Southern California (scholarship), Princeton and the University of Washington. Another student, Auston, applied having already graduated from Concord and has been awarded a scholarship offer from Fordham – but is considering other institutions too. Said Concord’s Assistant Principal (University Admissions and Careers), Dr Rob Pugh: “Interest in US universities continues to grow steadily at Concord and many students who decide to apply manage to do so alongside UK university applications. “Supported by our dedicated advisors, this is a really significant undertaking, as US applications require significant input of time and energy throughout the year. “It is really encouraging to see that US institutions with glowing international reputations are taking such a strong interest in our students.” He added: “The scholarship awards are further demonstration that our students are in high demand, globally.” Mathematics teacher and University Admissions Advisor (US), Dr Mark Hennings said: “Whilst our 2020 applicants were well organised and largely knew what they wanted to study, I encouraged and supported the students to have a wider spread of options – and pointed them in the right direction in their applications. “This is essential, as US universities have many of their own systems and specificities in their application processes. With over 5000 universities and college’s in the US, the variance is massive. “US universities appeal to a certain type of student. The type of education is different and there’s a huge assortment of disciplines and experiences available. “Liberal arts programmes consist of a breadth of educational subjects, which often make up over a third of an undergraduate degree, before opting for a specialisation. For example, even mathematicians or politicians can expect to study a segment of literature. “Last year, over twenty students applied for at least one US university; ten students received offers, and eight of these have taken their offer up, which highlights the impressive numbers and success rate at Concord. “In this first term, the college has seen four ‘first round’ US applications submitted, and I expect to see more by the end of term, as well as in the New Year for second round application deadlines. “I believe the college is seeing a gradual increase in interest in US universities for higher education – and in spite of Covid perhaps affecting this year’s numbers, I expect it to bounce back once more.”