students fundraise and ship 5500 protective masks to UK

Monday April 6, 2020

A group of Concord students have been using the power of social media to fundraise, contributing to the distribution of 5,500 protective masks to Concord and the NHS. Following the college’s recent donation of PPE to the NHS, thousands more masks have been sent from Hong Kong, again for college staff, local community services and the National Health Service (NHS) who need them most. After hearing from organiser – Form 5 student, Johnny, Concord’s Head of Lower School, Mrs Rachel Coward was ‘delighted’ to share the good news with colleagues and said: “What I love most about this generous donation is the fact that it’s come from the students themselves! “When I first received the email, I was so touched by Johnny’s thoughtfulness, his drive to get this done, his efficiency – and the utter brilliance of our students.” Explaining the thought and process behind the initiative, Johnny told of how he sourced mask-providers, assessing both quality and price. “After a few offers and personal testing of the PPE, I found a great mask that met proper requirements. And, after negotiations, the suppliers offered a 25% discount too. “I started the fundraising process with Concordians on my Instagram page, and to my delight the donations came pouring in! I was very much shocked.” After encountering hefty shipping fees, Johnny since switched logistics companies to try and bring the costs down. Due to a few delays and a ‘disappointing’ mix-up with other customers, Johnny then contacted other suppliers too, and found smaller-sized masks, suitable for women and children. “With that, and still meeting the requirements, I shipped the remaining 4000 masks to Concord – and a number of kind parents donated the remaining shipping fee.” Added Johnny, to his fellow students: “I want to express my gratitude for your kindness and generosity. Thank you all for your donations, for without them these masks would not be sourced and shipped. “In the meantime, please all be careful and stay safe.”