students explore electronics

Thursday June 9, 2022

A group of Concord students who have an interest in electronics went on a trip to Aston University recently as part of the Girls Into Electronics programme run by UKESF and sponsored by Compound Semi-Conductor Applications Catapult. Participants find out more about Electronics and studying the subject at university level, as well as hearing from female graduate engineers working in the Electronics sector. Concord’s students explored some of the Aston University campus, met a senior academic, some PhD students and even a few first year students. Physics teacher, Mr Bart Wargos who took the trip said: “This has provided some ideas of what a day may look like from the perspective of a university student. We also had a tour around the Engineering Department to see what they were working on - from massive lasers to the latest, commercially desired grand project to further extend the already overwhelming levels of fibre-optic usage.” The day also offered a session with a UKESF scholar and an introduction to microcontrollers, especially focussed on the Grove Beginners kit which the students were given to take away at the end of the day so that they could undertake follow up practical actives. Cecelia who went on the trip found the day very interesting and enjoyed having access to precise laboratory and electronics equipment. She said “My favourite activity was visiting the labs where lasers are made and its really fascinating to watch the data creating beautiful colours. We also used Arduino programming software to make a simple musical instrument that can change pitch by tilting it which greatly stimulated my interest in industry” Said Mr Wargos “Overall it was a great day for our students and we have made some good contacts with the university and they will be looking to invite us to another mixed session in September 2022, with even a larger number of students and more exciting events planned, including individual engineering sections showing off their work.”