students collaborate to form international science magazine platform

Thursday July 15, 2021

A student in Concord’s 6.1 recently announced the launch of Atomic Magazine – a science magazine collaboration, first created by students at Charterhouse School. The collaboration between Charterhouse School, West Island School and Concord College has been designed to create an international platform and partnership, where students from all over the world create individual editions as well as a collaborative termly science magazine, sharing scientific knowledge and interests gained from outside the curriculum. The first Summer Term edition has just been published. Click here to read it. And according to Sixth Form student Johnny who is heading Concord's involvement, it is hoped that many more schools can help contribute soon, by researching, writing and submitting articles for the regular magazine publications. When asked how Concord formed this student partnership, Johnny said: “A small group of childhood friends from Hong Kong – whom I caught up with during the school holidays – created Atomic Magazine at Charterhouse. “Their original intention was to start a small magazine released once a term, and students from their school who were interested could write an article. “After the first few releases, the project gained a lot of popularity, and we decided that during these uncertain times, the next step would be to reach out to schools all around the world – Naturally, since we have such passionate and enthusiastic students in Concord, I believed that it would be a great opportunity to share. “We also thought we could advance the project by creating a digital platform so other schools and students could join in.” The dedicated magazine website, at present, houses five individual editions amongst the three schools, in addition to the most recent Summer 2021 issue. Speaking of the first collaborative edition, which consists of biology, psychology, physics, chemistry and statistics articles, Concord’s Head of Science, Mr Barry Brown said: “What an amazing edition – so much breadth and depth in a wonderful array of articles and it’s great to see so many Concordians contributing. “I think it is a real credit to all those involved on the editorial team and it’s a wonderful cross-school and cross-border collaboration.” Johnny has expressed the further benefits of the project too, saying: “Not only do the articles broaden students’ knowledge on science and important topics outside of the curriculum, but it helps you develop research and writing skills, as well as enhance your university applications and personal statements. “It’s an excellent opportunity to be involved in – and all students are welcome to participate!” He added: “What’s good to see, because this is an international project, we receive a diverse range of topics and content. “We will soon be reaching out to other schools too, including Cardiff, Brighton and Cheltenham College.”