student offered Global Summer Experience Scholarship

Tuesday May 5, 2020

An aspiring medic in Concord’s 6.2 has been awarded a prestigious Summer Scholarship experience from The University of Sheffield, following her successful university application in November. And following the good news, day student Millie – who was selected as just one of 30 students for the 2021 scholarship – emailed Concord’s Head of Science, Mr Barry Brown to share the details. Said Mr Brown: “Millie was emailed after her successful interview to study Medicine at Sheffield in 2020, regarding their annual scholarship programme. “And Millie is also waiting on offers from King’s and Bristol.” Millie stated that she was invited to fill in a lengthy application form via email, as well as answering questions about what she’d like to gain from the experience and benefits for her future career prospects. “I chose to focus my application on the importance of communication and how learning a new language will aid me in the medical profession” said Millie. “The answers were also reviewed by a panel of experts at the university, and ultimately, they decide who gets the scholarships.” According to the university, the scholarships ‘are awarded based on academic merit.’ The Global Summer Experience scholarship pays for students’ airfare, tuition fees and accommodation at a summer school with one selected international partner university of choice. Current choices on the website include universities in Denmark, India, Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Canada and The Netherlands. Reflecting on her successful application, Millie said: “I’m honoured to have been selected. “You can only enrol onto the summer school programme if you firm your university choice as Sheffield for September 2020, then the summer school place is for 2021, following your first year of study. “I’ve already looked into the destinations and universities, and, although they differ each year, I like the look of South Korea, Singapore and Canada.” She added: “I’d love for the opportunity to go on a summer school and learn a new language, such as Mandarin in Singapore. “I also hope to gain new friends as the summer schools have people attending from around the world, from different backgrounds.”