showcases We Will Rock You School Edition

Tuesday March 8, 2022

Just before the half term break, Concord presented its first musical since 2010 – We Will Rock You (School Edition), described by Concord’s Vice Principal (Academic) Mr Tom Lawrence as “a true triumph!” Bringing the idea into fruition – with months of hard work and preparations – were Concord’s Head of Drama, Miss Orlagh Russell, and Music teacher, Miss Hannah Perrins, supported by a whole team of dedicated staff from different departments. In fact, according to Miss Perrins: “It was a long process, almost a year in the making!  The production team began planning in the summer of 2021 before auditions in September. “Students were cast and a crew assembled – and they rehearsed every Monday night from September to February and from January, they had day-long Sunday rehearsals… It was quite a marathon!” Over 70 students were involved from Form 3 all the way up to 6.2, making this a wonderful whole-school event. Audience numbers were over 190 each night for three nights, consisting of students, staff and parents. The mid-week matinee show was performed to an audience of local primary schools too. £709 has been raised so far to support the work of Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT). The Trust provides funding to projects in 57 countries (and counting) that help ‘fight’ against HIV/AIDS worldwide. According to Concord’s Outreach team, collections are still coming in. Speaking of the show, Concord’s former Head of Marketing, Mrs Vanessa Hawkins said: “It was funny, uplifting, emotional and brilliant! It was a genuine privilege to have been able to be part of the audience and to share the joy.” Said Librarian, Mrs Anne Williams: “The show was totally stunning in every way, beyond anything staff could have imagined for a school production – even by Concord’s high standards.” Mathematics teacher, Mr Colin Kalra added: “A huge congratulations to those involved for producing such an amazing, life-enhancing College musical! You should be proud of what you achieved, both staff and students who contributed onstage and behind the scenes.” Talking about the benefits of students’ participation, Miss Perrins said: “The power of live creative arts should not be underestimated and against the backdrop of the worldwide pandemic, the cast and crew continued on, showing resilience in the face of these challenges and managed to produce wonderful performances of which they can be proud. “Our hope was that this production not only allowed them to grow creatively, but has allowed them to make precious memories and form unique bonds and friendships which can last a lifetime. “For many of the students who went on stage, it was their first foray into the musical theatre world and it was wonderful to witness the warm support they received from the wider Concord community. “We want to offer our sincere thanks to all those who have supported the event and of course, for those who came to watch. “Support from all our colleagues in the College community was very much appreciated throughout the entire process, from the technical team, behind the scenes, to events and front of house.  Mostly, we offer our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful cast and crew, the students, without whom, these performances would simply not have been possible.” According to Miss Perrins and Miss Russell, the next show is in planning… Watch this space! To view the We Will Rock You (School Edition) photo gallery, click here. WE WILL ROCK YOU School Edition is presented through special arrangement with and all authorised performance materials are supplied by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), 122-124 Regent Street, 5th floor, London W1B 5SA.