launches remote fitness club to promote continued wellbeing

Monday June 1, 2020

Staff from Concord’s Sports Department have launched a remote fitness club, with the aim of promoting physical and mental wellbeing of staff and students as they teach and study all around the world. The group – which is optional to join via email – has been sent to all staff and students, by Sports Hall Manager, Mr Will Harrison, and already has over 45 members. Said Mr Harrison: “As much of the world experiences a lockdown, I hope all staff and students are well and managing to keep active. “I am aware that current circumstances under the remote learning programme may involve sitting at a computer or being more inactive than usual. “To counter this, for those who would like extra help or motivation for workouts or how to make them more productive, we’ve launched an email fitness group. “The group provides challenges, ideas and workouts – specifically for limited equipment and bodyweight exercises that can all be done at home.” He added: “The workouts, which are sent out several times a week are printable too, so it’s flexible for when the staff and students can work out – as we’re all experiencing challenges of long days, inactivity and time-zone differences. “We’re not re-inventing the wheel, but simply want to give people ideas and motivation, and keep mental and physical wellbeing up.” So far, fitness sessions have included 20-minute full body sessions, high intensity interval training (HIIT), a fun ladder living room session and the infamous ‘sally up, sally down’ challenge – requiring a continuation of a single exercise throughout a song. Other challenges involve following fitness videos on YouTube too, and the department hopes to run some competitions in the near future. Some students have also benefited from tailored plans – “more in-depth plans to stick to at home, to suit their individual goals” according to Mr Harrison, who’s designed these. Reflecting on the benefits of the group, 6.2 student Ronnie, who’s one of just a handful of the college’s Elite Sports students, said: “I take part in some of the challenges. The regular emails help to motivate me. “They remind me to exercise, even when perhaps I don’t feel like it. “Exercise is really important, and also helps prevent the reoccurrence of my asthma.” Staff and students, if you want to be added to the fitness mailing list, please email