exchanges best practices with staff from Shanghai Concord Bilingual School

Monday February 3, 2020

Concord hosted a group of senior staff from Shanghai Concord Bilingual School for the first time for the visitors to learn about Concord’s ‘very special ethos’ and to strengthen links between the two schools. The focus of the visit was on exchanging best practices and learning from each other in a week long liaison. The Shanghai school is located in the heart of the Huangpu District which is a regional and cultural centre. It is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and fully displays its characteristics as a bilingual school through integrating two languages and two cultures in education. They teach both the Chinese and British curriculums and have both ex-pat teachers and Chinese teachers. Concord Principal Mr Neil Hawkins who has visited Concord Shanghai on a number of occasions since the school opened in August 2017 said its mission was to lead the international education in Shanghai – and even in China. “It is developing itself with an inclusive culture and making it renowned for the students’ academic excellence and individual creativity,” said Mr. Hawkins. “There is a lovely fellowship which reinforces the relationship between the two schools and the sharing of values as well as best practices. “We have been learning from each other over the week and are very keen on strengthening the links. We are also delighted they have been able to give us their time. “The visitors have been able to see the best practices of Concord UK, compare them and where there is room for improvement implement that in due course. “We have also been sharing ideas from which both schools will benefit.” Concord’s use of IT in the classroom was one of the developments that caught the eye of Luke Bowen, Head of Grade 6 and English teacher at Concord Shanghai. “I was interested in how they have structured this and we can replicate it,” he commented. “I have also been learning how Concord’s pastoral programme works and although we are not currently a boarding school we are waiting for our purpose-built campus in 2024 when we can create a boarding programme.” Dr Paul Chipman, Director of Studies and Head of Maths at Concord Shanghai, was interested in how Acton Burnell-based Concord recruited and retained staff. Luke and Paul were accompanied by Peter McLeod, International Head of Primary, and David Worley, Director of English and Communication.