donates protective equipment to NHS

Tuesday March 31, 2020

Protective equipment for NHS hospital staff and a local GP surgery has been donated by Concord this past week. With all students now off campus and safely back home, Concord has been able to donate thousands of surgical masks, originally a generous gift from Chinese parents, as well as 130 pairs of safety specs and 24 boxes of non-latex protective gloves. The masks, including 3,000 to Shropdoc which were donated yesterday afternoon, were over the past week also sent to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital, which in addition received goggles and gloves kindly donated from Concord’s Science Department stock. The disposable gloves and safety specs were of varying sizes to provide as many as possible to the healthcare professionals who urgently need them. Concord staff have been voluntarily driving this equipment to healthcare establishments and have used contacts from other schools, students’ parents and visiting professionals from Concord’s recent Medical Futures Conference. Head of Lower School, Mrs Rachel Coward inspired the idea of donating protective equipment – after liaising with fellow staff in a local Head’s group, including Dr Jane Tinker, Head of Corbet School. Said Mr Jeremy Kerslake, Concord’s Vice Principal (Pastoral) and Designated Safeguarding Lead: “There was also a plea that came from the Guardian newspaper for school science departments to donate resources.” Added Concord’s Head of Science, Mr Brown: “We dropped off most of the specs and all the gloves with Dr Herman who is an A&E consultant and came to our recent Medical Futures Conference. “I also dropped off 15 sets of specs at Mytton Oak GP Surgery as they are waiting for an order of PPE which has been delayed.” NHS staff are currently operating with a risky shortage of goggles.Therefore, they need them now and they have a short supply. They are now needed in hospitals to protect staff treating CV patients. Concord students themselves have also aided the donations. Form 5 student Johnny and 22 fellow students have rallied together raising money to send 1500 masks to the college, ‘with more to follow’ – potentially over 6000 masks in total. The community-use medical masks have been sent for college staff, the medical team, nursing homes, and NHS establishments who need them most. Said Johnny: “I just wanted to say all of this is possible thanks to the generosity of the Concord students. Our community is wonderful!”