celebrates New Year with finalised laundry development

Friday January 10, 2020

The start of the new term marked a finish to Concord’s state-of-the-art laundry development, which has been in progress over the past 12 months, costing £130,000. The development, which was facilitated by WashCo in collaboration with the college has changed the effectiveness, ergonomics and overall functionality of Concord’s laundry department, according to Concord’s Domestic Services Manager, Mr Paul Simpson. Said Mr Simpson: “After researching numerous providers and developers, WashCo was chosen to help the college develop it’s laundry department. We visited several sites and factories seeking inspiration. “Staff have been a huge part of the journey from planning and implementation, and the collaboration between WashCo and Concord has been great.” After recycling old washers and dryers, the college has invested in 12 new washing machines – including 2 state-of-the-art 40Lb washing machines, 10, 22Lb washing machines as well as 10 gas dryers with 30Lb drums and 2, 40Lb gas dryers. Furthermore, Concord’s chemical dispensing room has been re-designed, and as a result, links directly to each machine using smart technologies, and reduces the demand for manual control. Said Mr Ed Robinson, Business Development Manager at WashCo who headed the project: “This was a large-scale and exciting project for all involved. “It was a complex installation as all the services such as gas work, water supplies, drainage and electrical supplies to the original machines were in the wrong place for our new machines to be installed – it was essentially a total refurb, so good to get our teeth in to. “The benefits are vast. The smart design means an efficient layout for productivity and ease of work. There’s more machines, faster turnover, less water and gas, and much quieter for an improved working environment.” Mr Simpson added: “Already, using new technologies and machines, the overall time for a wash and dry is 45 minutes, when previously it averaged over an hour per cycle. “This was a crucial change for the college, as the laundry team wash so much. Each week alone the team washes, dries and irons a minimum of 500 sheets, 1000 pillow cases, 250 duvet covers, plus sports team clothing, medical bedding as well as 500 bags of student clothes. Furthermore, every morning, the Catering team uniform is washed, laundered and returned to the kitchen before 07.30 am. “We have increased workspace for organisational purposes, folding and ironing, and even have ‘silencers’ connected to the machines, which is both a benefit in terms of health and safety and communication in the department.” Reflecting on the changes, Concord’s Laundry Assistant Ms Anne Phillips – who has been working at the college for 26 years – said: “The college and the department have changed so much in a short space of time. “I remember when Mr Morris was Principal, there were only two laundry staff including myself, and quite quickly it become three then four. “When the department was much smaller, we often even had to use external companies for larger washes such as bedding. “In my time, I’ve seen the college expand from around 200 students to now 600, so this latest development and newer technology is vital to the daily operations of the college.”