attends Showcase Plaque Awards Ceremony

Wednesday November 24, 2021

Following the recent announcement that Concord College has achieved Microsoft Showcase School status for 2021-22, the College was last week invited to a prestigious Showcase Plaque Awards Ceremony online. The 1-hour virtual awards ceremony coincided with the last day of the Showcase School Global Summit, and Chris Rothwell (UK Director of Education) and Dina Ghobashy (Global Showcase Schools Lead) were present at the ceremony to congratulate the schools involved. They commented: “It was lovely to have everyone here and to network with all the Showcase School leaders.” Concord received its Microsoft Showcase plaque ahead of the event, to put on display in the College for students, staff, parents, alumni and visitors to see, and the event consisted of a ‘virtual photo op’ to show off the plaque and introduce Concord to other institutions. Concord’s Head of Chemistry and IT Teaching and Learning Lead (ITTL), Dr Richard Beard said: “The event was a good opportunity to introduce Concord to other Showcase Schools across the UK – to tell them more about us, who we are, what we do, how we achieve it – and of course, to learn from them also. “After talking to others, I think we’ve realised the level we’re now operating at. It’s been a 3-year journey to get to where we are with our EdTech – and I think it’s amazing, the breadth of what we can do and achieve now as a school. “Next, we want to progress further to extend Concord’s Outreach support to local schools, as well as those further afield. Specifically, we want to offer support through visits and training, showing how they too can develop their teaching and learning methods through better technology, dependent on the resources they have available to them.” Concord’s Head of Physics and fellow ITTL, Mr Lee Garland added: “We look forward to inviting schools in for EdTech workshops, hopefully as soon as the New Year. “There’s various topics now to consider, such as technology in a post-pandemic world, the need for hybrid learning, and using the new teaching and learning methods acquired during the pandemic, in a way that suits schools and organisations that are returning to their normality.” At Concord, one particular development in discussion is promoting the use of AI in the English Department, for example using Microsoft Teams’ ‘Reading Progress’ tool for evaluating students’ reading technique – by recording and receiving valuable linguistic breakdowns and analysis. This will help students improve their reading fluency. Concord’s ITTL and MIE Experts (Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts) look forward to further communication and events with fellow Showcase schools and to inspire and be inspired by different opportunities in the UK and abroad, including the first Showcase Salon on 2nd December (sharing a spotlight on great approaches, challenges, networking and more).