alumnus celebrates one-year anniversary of global initiative

Monday March 29, 2021

Recent leaver Ian Soh (2017-2019) has announced the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 global youth initiative he founded in March 2020 – More Viral Than The Virus (#MVTTV). Ian, who studies Medicine at St George’s, University of London, set up the More Viral Than The Virus initiative to combat the ‘worrying attitudes and misinformation of COVID-19’ around the world. In a previous interview with the college, he said: “As young people, we believe that we have a responsibility to educate the public on the key messages from WHO and correct misinformation surrounding the pandemic.” In the first year, Ian – working with other Concord alumni, medical students, WHO representatives and industry experts around the world – has successfully delivered webinars, surveys, videos and a mental health support line, as well as earning news features across the globe, spreading the benefits of the initiative. In 2020, the extraordinary work of Ian also earned him a finalist’s place in the prestigious Independent Schools of the Year Awards, for the ‘Rising Star’ category. In an update on MVTTV social platforms last week, Ian shared a video of himself from London, addressing the one-year anniversary of the initiative and everything that has been achieved, and importantly, what is to come. Said Ian: “A year ago, on 22nd March 2020, we were an independent initiative with no funding whatsoever – but we sent a message of belief. “With fellow medical students from across 30 different countries, we motivated and inspired other young people to be the alternate voice of today, to unite the world against Covid-19. “You, your voice and our voice has now reached 1.5 million people and counting… Hopefully this instils the hope we need now and beyond this pandemic. “More than ever, recognising the importance of young people’s voices is paramount – the work of MVTTV, the misinformation of Covid-19 we have been combating, and other various pertinent Covid-19 issues.” Speaking of the future of the initiative and the role of young people, Ian said: “Indeed, these are challenging times for everyone – especially given the great uncertainty we have shared over the past year, and perhaps the foreseeable. “This is the fight of our generation and we need your help. Join us and get involved with the local efforts within your own communities today. “We need to encourage our peers to have more conversations about mental health, stand in solidarity for vaccine equity, and endeavour the spirit of collaboration, inspire creative solutions and build supportive networks.” He added: “I call upon leaders and stakeholders to realise, the essential role of young people, and employ you to meaningfully engage with us, being the generation of now and tomorrow. “Only together can we be more viral than the virus. “For now, a big heartfelt appreciation to my colleagues and supporters for their voice, support and effort. Happy 1 Year More Viral Than The Virus!” “Today, we share this moment with WHO Deputy-Director General Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, who shares her inspirational message to young people at MVTTV.”