a key partner in launch of The William Farr Academy

Monday October 11, 2021

Concord College is a key partner in the launch of The William Farr Academy – a programme dedicated to helping aspiring medical students. Specifically, the new initiative aims to increase the number of gifted Shropshire children from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds applying and being offered places at UK medical schools. Coming together to address the need for support for such students are Keele University School of Medicine, Concord College, and Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust, each with unique expertise and something to offer. Concord has an outstanding track record of preparing its own students for the rigours of medical school application having a dedicated and comprehensive Medicine Support Programme; in the last 5 years 128 Concord Students have taken up places to study medicine at university. The College also provides free places on its annual Medical Futures Conference to students from Shropshire, the West Midlands and the Welsh borders. In supporting The William Farr Academy, the College has seized upon the chance to help students from less privileged backgrounds make their way along the path towards a career in medicine. The Academy exists to provide talented pupils from eligible Shropshire state schools with expert advice and guidance on how to successfully apply to medical school and become outstanding doctors of the future – some of whom may not even currently consider this profession due to social and economic constraint. For more information and eligibility criteria, please email: The three partners in the Academy are united in their desire for all students who have the capability to become excellent medical professionals to be guided and supported in their application to medical school. For example, partners have come together to offer personal statement writing advice, interview practice, entry aptitude test training, work experience, clinical simulation experiences, free events including ‘Medic Monthly’ at Concord, and online mentorship with each partner playing a key role. Students becoming William Farr Scholars will have free entry to Concord’s annual Medical Futures Conference, the MediFest workshop delivered by Medical Mavericks, and will also begin Keele University’s ‘steps to medicine’ programme which, when successfully complete and complemented by meeting admissions criteria, guarantees students an offer of an interview for a place to study medicine at Keele. The first work experience day took place at Shrewsbury Hospital at the start of September. Speaking of the event, Concord's Head of Science, Mr Barry Brown said: “Dr Kevin Eardley and his team of doctors put on a superb day of activities. “Students had invaluable opportunities to speak directly to doctors about their profession, but also gain insights into the role that simulation plays in training and the importance of manual dexterity in clinical skills. “We look forward to working more closely with the SaTH team to provide further opportunities to support students in the application side of medical admissions.”