to classes

Friday September 17, 2021

Induction at Concord came to an end yesterday as students began their first in-person lessons. The campus has come to life over the last two weeks as students have arrived and successfully navigated quarantine. The first week of term was spent completing start of year work packages set remotely, then, as many students emerged from quarantine and day students were allowed back on to campus everyone threw themselves into three days of induction activities. Highlights of the induction programme included meeting with tutor groups and a range of sporting activities including a trip to a bowling alley. Students and even some staff including new Principal Dr Truss challenged themselves on Concord’s own high-ropes course. The Prefects team, led by Head Prefects Chloe-Nicole and Barney, organised “Prefects Games” on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to help new and returning students get to know each other. After lock-down and year-group bubbles, it was wonderful for the Concord community to be back as one and able to support its newest members as they start their Concord journeys. Barney was particularly pleased with how the evenings of games, led by the Prefect team, had gone: "It's been really lovely to make a return to in-person induction. Seeing everyone in 6.1 altogether in the sports hall playing games was a really special experience- both for us as prefects, and for them as well. "There were lots of smiles and laughs throughout both nights, and I think people really appreciated getting to interact with one another face-to-face instead of just online. It was a brilliant opportunity for the students to meet some new people, have some fun and just feel at home at Concord." Thursday saw the start of normal lessons with everyone eager to make the most of the opportunities on offer to study and learn. Vice Principal, Mr Lawrence  said: “It is lovely to see the students heading to lessons with smiles and enthusiasm for the new school year. Life is returning to the College and there is optimism in the air.” New and returning students were pleased to have in-person lessons again, Chloe-Nicole summed up her feelings: "What I love most about face to face learning is the way we get to freely engage with our peers and teachers, when doing Science practicals, or discussing texts during English, for example. "Sitting in a classroom with like-minded peers also serves as a motivation to learn. There is something strangely comforting about knowing that everyone is in the same position and working towards a common goal."