examinations highlight best-ever A level results

Thursday December 17, 2020

In a year of academic disruption and – at times – uncertainty, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the class of 2020 achieved the college’s best-ever A level results. Updated results have been newly published and include some delayed examinations which took place as late as November; Concord’s 6.2 leavers have achieved even better results than initially thought. A remarkable 86.44% of A levels were A*/A – the best performance Concord has ever recorded (97.46% A*-B; 100% A*-C). Of all A levels undertaken, over 45% of results were A* or equivalent. With 202 candidates in 2020 – the highest number of entrants in the past five years, this is a remarkable achievement. Results also highlight that 2020 leavers attained the college’s highest UCAS points average. The points per entry was 50.32. For some students, this is of great importance as some higher education course providers use the numerical tariff to describe qualifications and grades in their entry requirements. NB, UCAS note that most universities still continue to base offers on grades, not points. Said Assistant Principal (Enrichment & Examinations), Dr Phil Outram: “The release of these results for our cohort of 2020 leavers finally brings to a close the heavily disrupted journey to receiving recognition for their A level studies at Concord. “I am pleased that, despite the unprecedented challenges brought on us by the pandemic, the hard work of the students and continued dedication of their teachers has been rewarded with an outstanding set of results that reflect their ability, and I hope that they will continue this success in their future studies.” Also reflecting on the college’s best ever A levels, Principal, Mr Neil Hawkins said: “I have great admiration for those Concordians who gave their time and energy to sit the extraordinary optional Autumn examinations this year. “I am delighted to see that many have had their efforts rewarded with excellent grades. “2020 has been a uniquely challenging year and these results are a further endorsement of the resilience and adaptability of our students and of Concord.”