update from the Principal regarding the UK’s lockdown announcement

Tuesday November 3, 2020

A message from the Principal: I am sure you will have seen the news that the UK government has announced that England will go into a ‘lockdown’ from Thursday to control the current spread of the pandemic. At this stage, England’s lockdown does not include schools or universities and I wanted to assure you that Concord will be remaining open as normal in the weeks ahead.  I am aware that some parents of boarders have been concerned that their children might be left stranded and unable to return home if the UK government decides that schools should shut.  Again, please let me assure you that the school will be staying open for boarders should this happen.  Teaching would go online, boarders could remain on the campus and Concord will be open to boarders during all holiday periods this year.  On this basis, please do not worry unduly. On the other hand, if – in the light of news from the UK and Europe – you would like your child to leave early and before the 28th November, this is now possible from Concord’s perspective.  If you take this decision, then your child can join Concord’s online teaching provision for the rest of term and as I mentioned in my previous letter, online provision will be available during the Spring Term. I hope that this gives you a clearer picture. If you would like any further information please contact:

Mr Neil G Hawkins 3/11/20