place at Wembley for a Concord team

Wednesday April 10, 2019

Eight teams of Form 3s from Concord were on the ball and fully focused on achieving a coveted place at Wembley when they competed in a unique challenge. The teams were battling out an enterprise challenge to create a brand new event - or competition - to attract more girls and women to participate in football. Their own college enterprise conference, which was part of the National Enterprise Challenge, was linked to the University College of Football Business (UCFB). The FA’s target is to double women’s participation in football by 2020 and the eight Concord teams really rose to the challenge. As a result ‘Empower,’ led by Seb, took the honours. Seb was supported by Nemo, Scarlet and Aidan. They will be invited to attend the final of the competition at Wembley in July. The teams were told by Laura Hateley, lead facilitator for the Inspirational Learning Group who organised the enterprise, that they had all ‘risen to the challenge and come up with some incredible ideas.’ Said Laura: “We have never seen these ideas before and for us not to have seen them is brilliant and a credit to you.” The challenge encompassed marketing and sponsorship and identity of a company to sponsor the winning team’s competition. The students worked on branding and a theme for their event and were assessed on their social media campaign, leaflets, prospectus/brochure, costume characters and poster. Said Head of Form 3 Sue Correll: “The National Enterprise Challenge encourages students to work together as a team to create an idea and a brand. “For the intelligent and driven Concord students it is a perfect challenge which will help them shape their ideas for the future.” Other activities during the week were an Arts Award music day with a primary school, drama (preparation for a performance of Hansel & Gretel next term), Science Day including Doc Orange and Sci High Forensics as well as a D of E day walk.