first International Day at Concord’s Summer School

Tuesday August 13, 2019

A first-ever International Day at Concord’s Summer School – now in its 46th year – provided new activities and served up food from many different countries for 296 students representing 36 nationalities. Over the course of the day, students took part in 25 activities, challenges and tried new foods, forming an A-Z checklist. The ‘taste tests’ ranged from pakoras to Chinese fortune cookies and Japanese Pocky sticks, to Spanish chorizo. And the favourite of the many samples that the students tasted as part of International Day was – Piccalilli. Said Concord’s Summer School Director, Mrs Kari Quant: “For many students, there were food samples they may never have tasted before, including true British sweets such as rhubarb and custard and Black Jacks.” She added other highlights of International Day were dancing from around the world – in an inflatable disco dome, and traditional British sports day events such as sack, three-legged and egg and spoon races. The day also concluded with a ‘colour run’ based on the Holi Festival, celebrated by Hindus and featuring powder paint. Said Mrs Quant: “Students aged between 10 to 17 took part in the International Day that reflected Concord’s international demographic and the ethos of the Summer School, which is all about harmony and respect of other cultures. “We shall replicate International Day later this month when a further 234 students representing over 25 nationalities will gain a similar experience. “For the July course, International Day involved 24 staff, the vast majority of whom are teachers who work or have worked in over 10 overseas countries, from Malta and Spain, to Japan and Vietnam to Thailand.”