Concordian Welcome to New and Returning Students

Wednesday September 20, 2023

The second weekend in September saw the start of a new academic year at Concord College. Many returning Concordians, as well as over 200 new starters were welcomed to our campus by prefects, monitors and Concord staff, who helped them find their rooms and settle in. The new week started with a 3-day induction programme, which allows new and returning students to get to know one another while they take part in team building games, the high-ropes course, day trips and more. All of the activities are designed to help students begin building new friendships, whilst solidifying existing ones. A highlight of the induction programme is the 'Prefect and Monitor Games', a series of evening activities led by student prefects and monitors, that provides a fun and informal welcome to Concord, allowing students to meet other students from all year groups. 6.2 Prefect, Isaac, reflects in his blog post about the community spirit of the games, "It is a delight every year, and this year was no exception... [Prefect and Monitor Games] is a refreshing reminder of the sense of community that Concord brings". (You can read the full blog here: Prefect Games Blog Post 2023). But the induction week excitement didn't stop there, with the weekend bringing the annual British Day and the Colour Run events. Saturday saw the return of the Ferris Wheel, dodgems and lots of ice cream, as well as the new 'Sizzler' ride, at our 'British Day'. The event acknowledges that students have come from all over the world to study in Britain, and so provides a fun, British cultural experience that everyone can enjoy. The Colour Run on Sunday, attended by students and staff, includes running around the College fields whilst being covered in coloured powders by members of Concord's Sports Department, followed by a water slide. The day is always joyful, allowing students to create memories with new and existing friends, as well as spend time in Concord's beautiful green spaces. See more photos of induction week by visiting our photo gallery, or Instagram page.