year Steve is Concord’s longest serving employee

Friday June 28, 2019

There’s nothing that Steve Morris likes better than creating and tending a flower border. But when you share responsibility for 85 acres of grounds, tidying borders becomes just a highlight to savour. The extensive grounds at Concord have been a major part of Steve’s life for the last 40 years. For he is the longest-serving employee at the college. Steve, 59, started in the maintenance department at the college when he was 19.  He had been a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) on a farm when he heard about the Concord vacancy through a friend. After 12 months he transferred to the ground staff. He is one of six full time ground keepers who mow the grass, carry out the planting, prune the shrubs and trees, kill the weeds and of course keep the borders spick and span. Another task that Steve especially liked was propagating seeds into bedding plants, but that has been overtaken by the sheer volume of work presented by the scale of the grounds. Concord College is a topic of conversation when Steve is at home in Castlefields, Shrewsbury.  For he is married to Nadine who has been a housekeeper at the college for nearly 30 years. In a tribute to Steve’s longevity on the ground staff, Concord Principal Mr. Neil Hawkins said: “I am enormously grateful to Steve for the life of service that he has given to Concord College.  His dedication, skill and good humour are an example to us all.”