House Volleyball

The school had only been open for a week and we had four ‘house competitions’ already. We didn’t really have much time to practice…

I was one of the Pankhurst members who played both basketball and volleyball. After the basketball match, we had about 4 days to practice for our volleyball competition, but I believe the houses didn’t practice as much as perhaps needed because volleyball club is held only on Sunday night. But that didn’t really matter because participation is the key, right?

Anyway, the tournament was really (really really) FUN. All four houses were so competitive. Gandhi House produced some ‘free play styles’ that were so unpredictable but actually worked (…sometimes). Mandela has got some tall players which gave other houses a hard time to block or smash the ball against them. Teresa has got capable players and, of course, that power serve from Gavin Chen, and Pankhurst has got some skillful volleyball players too. Each house showed good teamwork and so, this enhanced the level of enjoyment. Fun moments occurred whenever we tried out new tactics, new movements and played in different positions. Most people involved in this competition, whether they are F3, F4, or F5, boys or girls, they don’t usually play volleyball. However, everyone tried hard and did their best for the team and it was very impressive to see most of them improved their digging, setting, smashing, and serving skills throughout the game.

To be honest, no one was really ‘carrying’ the team or did their jobs perfectly. We all made mistakes on the day and personally, I didn’t serve the ball as well as I should which was one of the reasons why Pankhurst lost to Teresa. But, nevertheless, it was the teamwork that improved the skills of everyone and eventually led to the enjoyment of the games.

The final result was Pankhurst and Teresa being joint winners of the competition. However, this is just another year of house volleyball so I’d like to encourage everyone, especially F3 and F4, to take part in this sport and also the other remaining house events this year and next year. Who knows? Maybe next year the victory will be yours.

Tee Saran Punpipatpaiboon – F5