An Inspector Calls

On a slightly rainy evening, all Form 5 students set out to Theatre Severn to watch “An Inspector Calls”, JB Priestley’s classic thriller, directed by Stephen Daldry.

Here are comments of two ‘English as a second language’ students who thoroughly enjoyed the play:

It was very useful, and we had a chance to experience something that wasn’t in our lessons. Lots of other schools came too so we realised that An Inspector Calls was a popular play to watch and worthwhile! In class, we watched the movie and read the book, but we never watched the play in a theatre-zone, so it was good to see how the acting conveyed the message of the play. Some of the emotions and expressions weren’t very clear to us in the book and so we got to see how they acted it out in ‘real life’. We sat in our classes and got to discuss it afterwards with our friends too.

The play itself was very unexpectedly stimulating since we’ve already read the book before (so didn’t expect many differences), but it was compelling! The script was similar to the book, so it was also easy to follow along. The characters were good, as was the acting. The set was interesting, and they imputed a lot of special effects. We almost had a heart attack when the set fell! The lighting and sound effects were very thrilling too. The music was a bit creepy and made us feel more engaged.

Overall, we were glad for the experience and opportunity to watch this amazing play.

Josephine and Praew – F5