The Trench

On the 13th of November, we had the privilege to watch a stunning play – The Trench. Everyone was allowed to skip second prep to watch and the theatre was packed. This play was performed by only 5 amazingly talented performers, portraying the life of a soldier in the trenches in a mythical way and the war as a monster. The play begins with a man mining underground and a young man joining him, then a big explosion occurs and the man’s mind sets off to a journey to unite with his beloved wife and son, who died back home. To reunite with them, he has to go through 3 difficult challenges, each representing a fear or difficulty the soldiers in the trenches have to overcome.

The play presented the life of soldiers in the trenches in the most interesting way, with the amazing acting of the actors and the beautiful music in the background, played live by an instrumentalist, it was simply incredible. The use of lighting, space, voice and their movements were able to portray there characters flawlessly. Both the style the play was portrayed and the idea of it were very abstract. With the non-naturalistic theatre, the audience had to pay close attention to what was happening and what every little thing represented and whether or not there was an alternate meaning behind it. The play was no where near what most of us thought it would be, it turned out better than what we had anticipated before the show begun, and we definitely enjoyed this play beyond imagination.

Melody Hung  F4