Preparing for House Arts

The ‘House Arts’ competition is debatably the most important inter-house event of the year. It includes everyone from each of Concord’s four houses and allows students from all year groups to display leadership and teamwork. It has always been a fun, inclusive and exciting experience for students to contribute to their house, and it enables people to make new friends from every part of the world. It also aids students in developing new and existing skills. The ‘house dance’ is a key component of the competition, lead by lower school students.

Being who we are, Gandhi House is extremely well prepared with practices in each of the competitive areas, almost every day in fact. Furthermore, the vast majority of Gandhi take part in at least one of the events (music, dance and narrative). Rehearsals take place after prep and during twilight. If you are ever unsure of practice times, don’t be afraid to ask!

This year’s theme – courage, is one with a number of possibilities, having inspired so many forms of art, and our Prefect team has worked hard to find music, poetry and dance that most fits and relays the theme to others. As well as this, there are exiting and unique props and costumes for each section of the event.

All students at Concord are warmly encouraged to join in with House Arts, and those who are ‘too busy with their schoolwork’ are instead welcomed to come and watch the show and support their peers. House Arts is an excellent opportunity for students to display their talents in music, dance or poetry – or, even the organisational side of things.

Good luck everyone and happy rehearsals!

Sophia (Gandhi House) – F5