BTEC Charity Talent Show Concert

The BTEC Talent Show Concert was an amazing experience. The audience was very lively, regardless of who was on stage, people cheered and clapped for all the performers.

A magic showcase was the most memorable act of that day – I remember the disbelief on people’s faces and how in awe they were of the performer’s ability. The second half of the showcase held some of the best and most creative acts, with a dance ensemble standing out the most to me. It was well choreographed and planned, ending the night on a high note and leaving everyone with a rush of adrenaline.

When it was my group’s turn to perform I was very nervous, as this was my first time performing in front of large audience… My past experiences were limited to a maximum of 20 people. I was very worried about messing up the notes and forgetting what to play. However, when I got onto the stage, heard the cheers and looked over at my friends, I remembered what this was about – having fun. It didn’t matter if I messed up or forgot a note, this was my experience and having fun and enjoying the moment was the most important thing. It was an exhilarating experience and I would do it again if given the chance.

There was an assortment of biscuits and confectionary provided for the performers and the audience, which were all hand-baked by the BTEC group and all the profits made were donated to the chosen charity organisation, Blood Bikes.

Thank you to the BTEC group for organising such a memorable night.

Tiffany – F5