Lower School Tag Rugby Tournament

As the scorching sun shone in the sky, Concord’s four ‘houses’ gathered to compete for the Tag Rugby Trophy. Two teams from each house entered, all who had practiced beforehand, to prove that they are all able of winning the event.

The first two houses – Gandhi and Teresa – prepared each of their teams to start off the tournament. As the first whistle was blown, the teams clashed together in a bid to ‘bring the trophy home’. During the event, all the teams played each other and there were many interesting plays and excitement that ensued. Teresa, Pankhurst, Gandhi and Mandela all played their very best and were promising contenders to win the trophy…

At the end of the afternoon, it was time for the prizes to be handed out. As the prize-giving ceremony commenced, everyone was on edge, as the same question flashed across everyone’s minds: “Who won?” – As the names were read out, it was deemed in the end that Pankhurst won the trophy, with Teresa coming 2nd, Gandhi 3rd and Mandela 4th. As the trophy was given out, a round of applause was heard from the crowd of students all of houses. Despite the competition and everyone being so into the game, at the end of the day, we were all still happy for the winners, and the sportsmanship never died down throughout.

Leo – F4