Swim 24

The 24-hour swimathon was held on Friday 11th January. I was in a team of 6 people – Will, Ben, Jude, Nathan, David and me, and each of us had to swim 4 hours in total. I was quite nervous as I haven’t swum in a long time. I enjoyed swimming, especially when my friends were next to me. Our paces were fast at first, but then we started to use floats after half an hour or so. It was a bit boring until the lifeguards started to blast music in the pool! They couldn’t sleep at night because they had to watch the swimmers to make sure that they were safe at all times, so without them, the event wouldn’t have taken place so smoothly, if at all. I felt so honoured to take part in the first 24-hour swim held in Concord, and I hope this will become a regular event in the future.

Myrtle – F5