Monitor Games 2022

The Lower School Monitor Games 

On 8th – 9th September in Sports Hall 2, the LS monitor team organized a diverse set of exciting games for the new F3s and F4s! All the monitors, despite their fatigue, were delighted to welcome the new LS students into Concord’s wonderful community. Although some games proved to be more popular than others, the overall planning and execution of the event was a huge success, and the vast majority of students provided positive feedback post-event. Mrs Coward, the Head of Lower School, even commented that it was ‘the best year of monitor games we‘ve ever had’ in her 8 years as Head of Lower School! 

On Thursday, there were a total of 13 stations; 1-2 monitors would host a group game, and 13 groups of students took turns going from one station to another. One of the most unforgettable games was Noodles And Plates: this involved four players, each with a polyfoam noodle in one hand and a plate in the other. They were to compete against one another until three players dropped their plates, in which case the remaining player would win. It was arguably the most intense game among all others and attracted the attention of many students, despite it’s simplicity. Though some students were exhausted and uninterested in the game, they were content watching their peers playing. Nevertheless, it offered a unique twist to the other ‘more typical’ monitor games, and most students had lots of fun that evening. 

On Friday, the event began with another cycle of 10 group games followed by two big games: Dodgeball and Capture The Flag. Dodgeball was quite chaotic, with students throwing balls everywhere in the Sports Hall. Reid Cao (F5), the cameraman, complained how difficult it was to traverse the court in order to take photos from differing angles. Finally, the event ended with the clapping ceremony, which has been an annual tradition in the history of monitor games. It involved a setup that allowed each participant to high-five all other participants; the ceremony went on for about 20 minutes. Despite several students complaining about the tedious nature of the ceremony, this was a significant improvement from the torturous 40 minutes last year. 

Hanks F5.

A new student’s perspective

What is it like being the new Form 5?

You are going to go through the whole spectrum of emotions, which is an amazing experience.

It’s one thing being the new kid in school and another to be the new kid in the middle of GCSE. To be frank, it is hard. That is because of many reasons starting from catching up with the subjects which occupies a lot of time to being away form home and being with new people who have known each other for at least one year.

On the other hand being the new kid, in Form 5 makes you feel special and appreciated. I did say that being around new people is hard but it is also an amazing mind opening experience. New is always good because either way you are going to get a lesson that you will need in the long run.

To be more specific, in Concord it really is easy getting used to being new because the school is literally in concord, just as the name suggests, people living together in a peaceful way. So far, being here has encouraged me to work more just by being surrounded by so many bright and most of all kind people like the students and the teachers who try to make everything better for everyone. I feel grateful to be in a place such as Concord.

Sindi Dojaka F5

A busy start to the term!

This past week had been bizarre. Already, a week has passed since we’ve all arrived back at Concord. I met several of new students and they all appear to be really friendly and approachable. They look as if they’ve all settled in really well and are getting along with each other too. As soon as this term started, we’ve all had House meetings and talked about the upcoming Inter-house sport events. I, along with many others were getting excited to compete against the other Houses (Mandela, Pankhurst & Teresa) and to make our House (Gandhi) proud.


Aside from the House sports, I’ve also been hearing a lot of commotion about the Fashion Show lately. The date of the Fashion Show is getting closer and designers have been doing last minute adjustments, whilst models are constantly having rehearsals to do the best they can. Personally, I’m not a big fan of modeling or fashion – but from the sound of it, I have a feeling this is going to be a good show. With that said, I have high hopes and I’m really looking forward to it.

Sabrina Lai (Form 4)