A Starry Night

The build-up to Starry Night was intense with practices day in day out, and with the tense atmosphere came great performances, it was as if it almost made the performers better than ever. Weeks of hard work had finally paid off, since this was certainly one of the best Starry Night concerts that I have ever seen. It was so perfectly organized, filled with beautifully talented performers, and yet again lead by the amazing Outreach Society.

Moreover, not only did Sabrina, Carlton and Vivian (pictured below) perform the stunning song – Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, but they did it to their absolute best. Besides this, the Michael Jackson song, Black or White performed by Alex Cheah and his friends shone through and was brilliant. In addition, the K-pop act was again very impressive and executed perfectly performed Nikki Johari, Amelia Yim, Jenny Lee, Rachel Ho and Melody Chu. Last but not least, Zoe Mountford again showed her amazing singing talents, and gave us one of her best performances yet.

All in all, the night was an astonishing success and it was enjoyed by all and everyone who watched it and a great deal of money was raised by Outreach.


Joe Parker (Form 4)