Snow at Concord

Nearing the end of the term, there were high expectations of some snow in the last weeks before Christmas. Sadly, there wasn’t any snow… Instead, the snow was delayed until the last two weeks of January. One day, the entire Hall Meadow was covered in white and so the maintenance team got to work. Aside from some traffic, wet pathways (from the melting snow) and large piles of salt on the ground, it did not cause any severe hindrance towards anyone’s study or travel.

On the fun side, the Form 4 students had a snowball fight outside the Science Block, some Form 3 boys had a quick snowball fight near Bell House and some Form 5s tried to make a snowman – which also ended in a snowball fight.

Coincidentally, Chinese New Year often occurs after the “Big Cold” day in the lunar calendar, and this year, it’s started at the same time that the temperature in the UK dropped, so you better keep an eye out for the lunar calendar because it’s pretty accurate…

Nicholas – F5