Ski Trip 2020

I went on the Concord Austria ski trip last month. The first thing I remember was us being warned about the long drive to Austria, crossing over at Dover, driving on the European continent. But now I think even after such a long drive, it was totally worth it.

Our first night was relaxing, and we went for a short meal in the hotel, followed by a full night’s sleep for the oncoming five-day skiing experience. For the next five days around forty of us, plus six teachers, went and skied on the Austrian Alps. We were split into different groups according to our ability and all of us had lots of fun with our teammates and instructors. The experts went on the black slopes, while the beginners like myself successfully conquered the easy red slope. I also couldn’t tell you how good the food was. I had so much food every lunchtime, the gnocchi, the chicken schnitzel, it was just fabulous!

At nights, we had lots of activities to attend, including pizza night, and visiting Salzburg. The one I had most fun is unarguably going to the nearby swimming pool. It was a wonderful pool with loads of facilities, like a jacuzzi and even a water slide. We walked endless flights of stairs up, and finally ended up at a black hole. Then it was simply, sitting down and off I went. The lighting was very cool, with extremely well-coordinated LED lights imitating laser lights in a pitch-black environment. The slide itself was also fun, exciting and really quick.

It was a tiring trip, but also a fruitful one. I made some new friends, learnt how to ski and had loads of fun. Couldn’t really ask for more!

Kenneth – F5