Another DoE Expedition

From the 9th to the 11th October, multiple small groups of Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh students went on an expedition across Shropshire. We all camped for two nights and spent three days walking across the many hills that Shropshire has to offer. Famous places we covered: The Long Mynd, the Stiperstones, and Hope Bowdler Hill. We had to be fully prepared for the expedition meaning we needed to be responsible for things like packing our own food, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, etc.

This expedition was just a practice and our main expedition will be held sometime near April 2022, where we will all have to make sure we travel a certain distance each day (for Silver DoE students it’s 16 km a day, for three days).

DoE is definitely a worthwhile experience at Concord because we get to see the beauty that Shropshire has to offer and learn many new skills – even though there is a slight chance we may get lost ha-ha!

Adam – Form 5