Shropshire Festival 2015

The Shropshire Festival of Verse and Prose took place on 9th of October at Moreton Hall School. This year only Lower School students took part in it. We all gathered in Main Hall around 3 p.m. and started our 2 hours journey. The time flew very quickly and by the time, we were in Moreton Hall School we were all ready to win.

At first, we were invited to the Main Hall to meet. Most of the students were very nervous. Luckily, we had Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Turford and Ms Shaw to support us.

The first competition took place in library. It was poetry competition. Eleven concord students competed for the first place. As it was mentioned later, all performances were astonishing and there was not a single person who did not had a list of good things about their performance. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to win the award although most of the competitors deserved it. Third place was shared between a Moreton Hall school student and Lucy Hampton. She recited the poem ‘The Beast in Space’. Second place was awarded to Heidi Vuong, who recited the poem ‘Life is Fine’. Finally, the Honda Trophy was awarded to me, with the poem ‘First day at school’ and passed at distinction. Other people who took part in this competition were Shu Xuan Lin, Melody Hung, Chloe Young, Mia Nguyen, Rachel Liao, Altyn Timraliyeva, Steven Shen and Alisar Tabet.

As soon as the first competition ended, the next one started. It was Public Speaking, in which Heidi Vuong won the First Place.

The last competition took place in the theatre and it was a Famous Speeches competition. Madeline Lempert won the First place. Other Concord students who took part in this competition were Jade Low, Adrian Liao, Jimmy Zeng, Millie Parkes, Ferne Nicholas, Altyn Timraliyeva.

All three winners were awarded with trophies and by the time the day was over Concord earned a Honda Trophy, Moreton Hall Shield and a Medal for first place.

On the road back to Concord College, most of the students fell asleep. However, some were so excited about an unforgettable experience that, they could not close their eyes. By the time we were in Concord it was already 9 p.m. There is no doubt that every single one of us enjoyed this evening and were not regretting about signing up. However, Saturday tests were coming next morning…

Oleksandra F5