Visit to Old School in Lithuania

In December 2016, I revisited LSMU (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences) high school in Lithuania to give a talk about Concord College. I attended the school from September 2015 to June 2016 and was asked back by my Principal to make a presentation to the school about life here in Acton Burnell and Concord’s academic successes, but in particular, he wanted to know about the ethos of the school and its behaviour policy.

Despite the fact that LSMU is only a day school and administration of school can not apply the rules to students 24/7, I gave my presentation in the school theatre in front of about 75 students (Form 5, and 6th Form) as you can see from the photos. I thought it was fun and some of my friends came up to me afterwards to congratulate me.

I enjoyed visiting my old school but the most awesome part of the visit was walking down the corridor and see my old classmates in their lessons and I was just there to give them a talk!

Kristijonas Sokas F4