Road Race

With our usual Saturday Test being pushed a little earlier, and all of us whining and complaining, Mandela has kicked off the start of a new term by winning the Road Race, which has set an exciting pace to the upcoming House Arts. The Lower School Road Race was won by none other than Joe Parker. In second was Ben Legeais and in third Filip Skierski. The first for girls was Lucy Fairbanks. Joe has also set a new record for the Lower School Road Race at 6 minutes and 11 seconds which left him panting and bending over in a bush, with a side attraction of Wilfred, Eugene and I casually walking the Road Race and finishing the last.

The point of the Road Race was not to win or to be competitive with each other, but it is one of the few times the whole of our school would come together and participate in the same event. It didn’t matter if you walked, jogged, skipped, or ran the race. It was a small track that went around the school; Lower School students had to run one lap, whereas upper school students had to run two laps. In both events, there were people cheering by the side, encouraging and motivating runners to keep going.

Mandela did not have anyone who came in first or second or even third in the Lower School Road Race and they still won. Every place counts, if you come first or second or even last it still gives points to your house so even if you are not athletic you could still contribute to your house unless you broke your leg, not mentioning any names.

The Road Race has brought together each and every one, from their respective houses to show their enthusiasm and compassion to win the first of many house events. With the House Arts approaching I am sure that each and every house will be even more enthusiastic and hyped than for the Road Race.

Edward Goh Form 5