Reunion February 15th 2014

Valentine”s Day was coming up, and all the couples in the school had started thinking of creative and meaningful gifts to give each other. They were all getting really excited, but so were the ones without valentines. Not only was this a regular Valentine’s Day, but it was also Concord’s reunion for alumni that is currently being held every 2 years. It was held to celebrate those who have left the school and came back on this very special day. As soon as we heard about the disco in the sports hall, we knew instantly that it was going to be a good one. We were told that there was going to be a free chocolate fountain, and purchasable food – but little did we know that they’d have extraordinary games like milking a cow, or even riding the electrical bull. My friends and I were all getting excited. Many students decided to dress up a bit. As the night passed, you would see the girls around the boarding house try on their new dresses.

Before the disco started, fireworks were being held at the field by the castle. It was truly an amazing sight. It even lasted for quite a long time. Personally, what made everything so much better for me was how close we were to the fireworks. It was something I’ve never imagined happening. Everything at the moment felt very magical. It was beautiful, every time there was a different spark, you would hear the “oos” and ahh’s” from people around you. The constant explosions got everyone in awe and excitement. After the fireworks ended, we walked into the sports hall, and I was shocked – it was definitely not what I’ve expected. Everything looked so professional, from the lights, the music, the dance floor, to the food and the games. Everybody around me was dancing happily and no one have seemed go have gotten bored. Being able to see the alumni there felt special, it seemed like they felt as if they were back at home. Time spent in there felt effortless and full of joy. It was definitely a splendid end to our first half of the Spring term.


Sabrina Lai (Form 4)