The Upcoming Musical

Rehearsals for our upcoming show, ‘We Will Rock You (School Edition)’ are now well underway, as we are all working hard to perfect the chaotic and fun musical. Having just got home from a rehearsal, I can tell you there is absolutely never a dull moment… if you are running scenes (trying desperately to get that one-line right), learning and rehearsing all the fabulous Queen music, or just watching the other characters get immersed in their roles as the wild and wonderful scenes come together… it is simply a fantastic experience! You can certainly tell there is growing excitement among the cast and crew this term as we get closer and closer to the day. Having the props and seeing all the flamboyant makeup this past week has really inspired all of us to make this our best performance yet! I am incredibly excited to perform in the show as Oz in just three weeks.

Ruby – F5