Open Mic Concert 22/10/19

Just after the Talent Show last Thursday, I had another singing performance with Kenneth, Jason and Jack. In order to share music to the school and help with Jason’s BTEC work, we sang ‘Hey Jude’, a well-known song by the Beatles in front of teachers and classmates. As the Open-mic performance is at lunchtime, all four of us did not have enough time for a regular lunch. We were both hungry and nervous, waiting for our act patiently and anxiously. We did a fantastic job because we were well-prepared, that we had at least four to five practices before the show. We all enjoyed the time very much, and we would love to continue playing great songs together.

Hugo – F5

What a performance that was! The Open Mic was my first ever experience of singing in front of an audience, excluding my times in the choir. It was amazing though, I will never forget the butterflies I had in my stomach before we were called and went up in front the staff and students, to play the Beetles’ classic “Hey Jude”. We spent a week practicing before the performance, after preps, weekends, all to get the best out of our band. I would say the performance was not perfect, but it was good enough to receive a big round of applause from the crowd of 30 that afternoon. Performing and singing is most definitely becoming a hobby now, but I will probably avoid choosing such a hard and technical song next time – “Hey Jude” was good but hard! But, all in all, I really enjoyed it and recommend to anyone who likes music to come and enjoy the next Open Mic Concert next half term!

Kenneth – F5