New York Trip

During half term, we went to a trip to New York, and like Mr. Hudson said, it was the best trip everrrrrrr!

Here are some of the highlights:

Day 1:  We visited Times Square for the first time.  Like I expected, Times Square was a really exciting place with TONS of huge billboards. Sometimes when I was inside a building and looking out of the windows, I felt like there was still daylight although it was late in the evening already!

Day 2:  I loved the Mets!! I haven’t got enough time to see what I wanted to see, but my favourite part from what I saw was the mythological sculptures. One of my favourite pieces was “Ugolino and His Sons”. Looking at the sculpture, at all the details and imagining how dedicated the sculptor must have been really took my breath away.

In the afternoon, we went to see Matilda The Musical in Shubert Theatre, Broadway and it was one of the favourite parts of the trip for me. As a drama student, I found myself getting VERY inspired. Everything about the musical was beyond amazing and now, back in Concord, I keep finding myself singing Matilda’s soundtrack!

 Day 3: At 9am, while the university group visited Princeton University, we visited the MoMA museum of Art. We had a very nice guide in the museum. She showed and talked to us about works of famous artists such as Jackson Pollock, Marcel Duchamp, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc. I was amazed that there were so many authentic works of such famous artists in front of me and also, I was very inspired. Although I do love art, I am not particularly good at drawing but after looking at the works in MoMA, I realized how art can be absolutely anything and told myself I would be braver and more daring with my next creative work! 🙂

 Day 4:  In the evening, we went to see a basketball game in Madison Square Garden which was super duper duper duper fun and I believed was the most exciting thing that I did in NYC! The game was NYC Knicks vs Miami Heats. We were hyped when we saw how big the stadium is and the atmosphere and everything just made it so exhilarating!!! I got myself a giant finger and was actually very focused on the game and was cheering very hard! Knicks lost but that’s alright… Oh such a night…!!

Day 5: The last day, we visited Greenwich Village, which had an AMAZING bookstore! 18 miles of books! I was overwhelmed by the variety and the amount of books in front of me and had to take a while to actually choose something. All the time I was worried I wouldn’t have enough time there, and it was true – I didn’t! The rest of the day was spent for last-minute shopping and I bet everyone felt very satisfied with the things they got.

Overall, NYC was an amazing experience to me. After I was back at Concord and looked back at what I did in the last 5 days, I thought to myself “WOW! Did I really do that many things?”

I got to learn a lot of new things, get exposed to new ideas, shopped a lot and strengthened my relationships with my friends! I think if you get a chance to go on this trip, please consider signing up, because seriously, it is so fun and can be life-changing! You would realize how there are so many exciting things in the world for you to explore and might come up with ideas that you have never thought of or have dreams that you never dared to dream before!

Heidi Vuong F4