Concord’s Chinese New Year Dinner

‘Concord’s Chinese New Year Dinner’

Hugo – F5

Monitor Induction Games

As us returners know, every Concord year starts with finding your room, exciting conversations with new friends, a talk with the teachers and the ‘monitor induction games’ in the evenings.

This year the new monitors led a range of games and activities for the Form 3 and Form 4 students. The monitors happily set up and managed the difficult task of organising the event whilst also welcoming many new and returning students with a smile.

They started off the night with ice-breaker games and ‘Getting-To-Know-Yous’. But afterwards is where the fun and games began. The activities that the monitors designed helped students make new friends and socialise – designed to help them in the future with support through the years ahead. The monitors had a great time too, some even participating with the students in playing the games. Here are some reflections from them:

“The games were very inclusive of everyone and I’m sure many had lots of fun playing the games that we organised. It was a good introduction to the Concord family and I hope everyone will find settling easy. It was an enjoyable experience for the monitors and new students.” – Sophia

“I think that the new students and the monitor team really bonded with each other. Overall it was a successful two nights” – Kishen

“It was a successful day of fun and games! Not only did we get to know the new students, but they got to know each other as well” – Mimi

“The monitor games were fun to organise and fun to participate in. I, along with many others really enjoyed it.” – Jeremy

“Everything was well organised. It was fun working with my monitor team and getting to know new students and making them feel welcome! It was a fantastic experience” – Praew

Sadly, both the days came to an end but were definitely filled with laughter and joy. All of us had loads of fun and met so many new people. Here are some comments from the students who played the games:

“I liked how at the beginning, before the games started, we got to know each other’s names and I really enjoyed musical chairs.” – Ashley (New F4)

“I thought that it was a good idea and thankful for the effort and time all the monitors put in. It was an exciting day to meet new people and reunite with my friends from F3.” – Scarlet (returning F4)

“Playing games with the monitors and other schoolmates was fun. Though the games were a bit silly, I enjoyed it, as I can make a lot of friends while playing.” – William (New F4)

“It was a chance to get to know people, so the games were silly but fun. Good stuff.” – Justin (Returning F4)

“It was really fun and a good few days to meet new people! I really enjoyed it and I’m grateful for the hard work all the monitors put in it.” – Megan (New F4)

Zelenie and Kenneth – F5