Liverpool Trip – Half Term

During half term, Concord provided us with lots of trips, and one of them was a multiple museum visit in Liverpool. We were put into groups and visited different types of museums. My group went to visit the Museum of Liverpool first. There were many exhibitions of the history of Liverpool; there was another exhibition about one of the members from The Beatles, John Lennon, and his wife Yoko. I’ve heard from my friends that Tate Museum was also quite interesting. They said there was lots of variety of art and sculptures on display, and it was very cool to see the most memorable one – a display that was made of a ‘mountain’ of clothes.

The second half of the trip we went to The Beatles Museum as a whole Lower School. We got to wear headsets to listen to audios introducing each section of the exhibition. The one section that amazed me the most was a stage set up that was exactly how the Beatles would perform in a club.

Josephine – F5