Monitor Training Day

A few days before the start of term, the Form 5 Monitors joined the Prefects for the first time in preparing and planning for the annual induction games for the new form 3s and 4s. Starting a new school can be terrifying (especially facing a sea of strangers and a maze of new buildings!) and having been through it ourselves, we all wanted to plan an event where people could have a good time, make new friends and feel more welcome here at Concord.

On the Saturday before the new Concordians arrived, we (the Form 5 Monitors) spent a day with Mrs Coward, Mr Tilson, Miss Taylor and Dr Willetts learning and playing new games that we could then play with the new students. It was a very fun day filled with laughter, silliness and jokes!

I had such a good time and I think we all did! It was great to have a day of fun together after the long summer apart. We all had a good laugh playing the games, especially when we made Iso into an elephant and Benji into a unicorn using only newspaper! The only downside was when Amy and I (in a competitive flurry of activity) fell off the crates in the game, ‘crossing the river’, and face-planted onto the floor!

Apart from this, the Monitor training day was a definite success!

Chloe Young F5