Our experiences as Marketing Monitors


Being a Marketing Monitor has allowed me to gain lots of skills and interesting experiences that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t decide to step out of my comfort zone and apply for this role. As for me, I’ve learnt how to communicate efficiently and plan my time wisely. Also, always have a backup plan as you never know what unexpected accidents will happen. These skills, I believe, will benefit us not only throughout Form 5 but also in our future. Most importantly, I had a great experience of teamwork. There are inevitably moments when I struggled with my work and it’s my teammates who helped me and released my stress. Last but not least, this role allows you to meet with a range of interesting people and the satisfaction of seeing your work produced, such as the blogs and yearbook, is irreplaceable.


As part of the Marketing Monitor team, I found it extraordinarily amazing to meet new people with different experiences in Lower School. We got to help expand the Lower School Blog onto different platforms and it allowed us as a community to be able to express a shared voice! Not only did it help with the bridging of different forms to interact, but it also helped us personally through writing and editing skills. It felt motivational to continue our good work and receive feedback. If you were to join the team next year, I think it would be excellent for improving time management skills, communication skills, writing and editing skills, and teamwork! I truly believe that the satisfaction that you gain at the end of the day after collecting and editing a blog to perfection, will fuel you for many days! I’m upset that our time as Marketing Monitors is over but I’m sure the new monitors will continue the hard work and be as brilliant as ever. Good luck!


I must first say a massive thank you to the school and my teammates for a great year, the marketing team is more than a job, but also family. We work together every week, we face problems together, and we solve them together too. To be able to work so closely with the school and help our marketing team promote our great college, through the blogs and our new Instagram, I feel so gratefully honoured to be able to serve the school in such a fun and enjoyable way. The thing I cherish and appreciate the most about the role as Marketing Monitor is the amount of freedom and room for creativity the school allows; we were four imaginative people and had lots of plans for our role, and when we presented them to Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Coward and Mr Coffey, we had so much support and assurance from them. That is the reason why there are two blogs per week, why we started filming and editing vlogs, and why we started our own Instagram page and update it regularly. I really thank the school and our team for that. I am also thankful that I was able to learn so many things and become ‘a better me’ with my teammates in the past year: the creativity we had with new projects, the time we all sacrificed for meetings, the perseverance we had when making the yearbook, management skills we learnt when organising roles. There is so much you can learn from this role; it is really worth it. I am sure the marketing team next year will be brilliant, good luck!


Time flies in a blink of an eye and now I’ve reached the end of this journey. It has been great to work alongside my teammates – we have made such an amazing team. We have done our very best to promote school events through Lower School blogs and our official Instagram account, and all students and staff acknowledge our hard work. Throughout this stunning experience I believe we have learnt the significance of team spirit, and I hope that the next group can keep on with our fire and passion for this job.