Macmillan Coffee Morning 2018

On Friday 28th September, at morning break time we took part in the Macmillan Coffee Morning at Concord. This is an annual charity event which supports people with cancer through fundraising, in the form of bake sales. Teresa House are in charge of this event, however, of course, we wouldn’t have raised much money without the support of many fantastic students in other Houses and staff too, who donate countless delicious homemade cakes and cookies for the sale. This year, I made some Macha chocolate (‘Green tea-flavoured chocolate’), hoping it would help to raise some money for the charity.

It was surprising that the number of people who attended the bake sale managed to fill more than half of the Dining Hall! I was helping to sell the homemade cakes and cookies (as well as my chocolate). I felt that break time went in a fraction of time, probably because we were all so busy in dealing with so many ‘customers’. There were still leftovers after break, so we decided to keep selling during lunch, twilight and even at dinner time, in order to make as much profit as possible for the charity.

I helped with sales again after dinner, along with a few Prefects and Mr Arthur. We tried hard to advertise our remaining cupcakes and cookies and as a result, many people who walked past us stopped and got some something. Eventually, there were only 6 cupcakes and some crumbles left! ‘This is the least amount of leftovers we’ve ever had!’ said Mr Arthur. I felt so accomplished and proud that we had managed to sell all these foods we had got for the bake sale; especially since we made most of them. Every year we make over £500 from the Macmillan Coffee Morning to give to a good cause, however this time might even be over £600!

Anna – F5