Lower School Dinner 2019

The annual Lower School Dinner was held on 1st June this year marking the end of a productive and busy year for Lower School students, especially for the Form 5 students who were in the middle of their GCSEs.

The event commenced with reception at the Science Block. Butter Beer, Ginger Weasley, Longbottom Iced Tea and Slytherin Snakebite, of course alcohol-free, were served to students as they were taking pictures with their friends outside. As one Form 4 said: ‘Butter beer was perfect’ as the friendly chatter was filling the foyer and the laughter could be heard from the outside.

The dinner was a desired break – the social event brought students, teachers and senior staff members together into a Harry Potter themed and heavily decorated dining hall. The themed food was ‘scrumptious and delicious’, according to Concordians. Sneezewort Salmon rillette, Lemon and Gillyweed Tiger Prawns for starters, Madam Rosmeria’s Seared Rump Steak for the main course and finally, for dessert, Mad Eye Moody’s Mango Mousse and Chocolate Cauldron Truffle Cake, topped with white chocolate wingless Snitches and Broomsticks. Yummy!

After lovely musical performances by students and inspirational speeches, Concordians went to the West End where they were met with modern trending music, an external DJ and photobooth. The disco even attracted a few upper school students who did not want to miss out on partying. As for me, it was a wonderful experience to relive the event as it reminded me about the great, exciting moments I had back in the Lower School. As a friend of mine summed up, in a typical Concord equation: ‘Lower School supper + disco + wonderful people = fantastic day’.

Danylo – 6.1