Lower School Marketing Team on Instagram

The Lower School Marketing Team has just launched a brand-new page on Instagram, the social media platform which almost every student in Concord is using. Referencing to Concord’s Art Department and MedSoc’s pages, we are going to post the latest updates about Lower School events such as House competitions, BTEC charity concerts and so on. We are uploading photos of events such as those mentioned above with captions frequently – about twice a week, to keep the followers up-to-date. In each post, there is a link included to direct the users to view the Lower School Blog for more details. Moreover, we also plan to post vlog-type videos on IGTV. The audience can enjoy the throwbacks of joyful and unforgettable scenes and experiences from the videos no longer than a minute. They will be edited short with related background music so that the viewers stay engaged and enjoy the content. The page is open to the public; not only students, but also alumni, graduates and teachers can view it and refresh those remarkable memories. Remember to follow the page if you don’t want miss anything! @lsmarketingcc

 Lower School Marketing Team